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NOTICE: 2015 Transoceanic Ferry Service Operations Info

International Ferry Flights is currently only providing estimates for the ferry U.S. registered aircraft that are less than 10 years old and/or have less than 800 hours airframe/engine time.

International Ferry Flights may consider providing estimates and placing bids for the ferry flight of aircraft over 10 years old if the following conditions are met.

1, The aircraft must be ready to ferry or you must be an established dealer/broker or client that we have done ferry flights for in the past!
2, The engine in the aircraft must have less than 800 hours SMOH//SFRM/SFN and be within or less than the mid range of calendar years of the Manufactures Recommended Time Between Over Hauls
3,If Required an Export C of A must be completed and attached to the request.

We apologize for any Inconvenience.

About International Ferry Flights,

International Ferry Flights, is a recognized leader in the export and ferry of new general aviation aircraft all over the world. International Ferry Flights offers you a single source for ferrying your aircraft from it's point of origin to a destination anywhere in the world. When you contract with International Ferry Flights to move your aircraft, You can rely on IFF's experienced and safe ferry pilots to get the job done in a professional and timely manner at a reasonable cost.

All of International Ferry Flights Professional Ferry Pilots Hold FAA Commercial Pilot Certificates for single and multi engine aircraft with instrument ratings and have a minimum of 1,500+ hours total time and 10 or more Trans Oceanic crossings. All ferry pilots are Cirrus, Piper, Mooney, Beechcraft, & Cessna factory approved. All IFF's Ferry Pilots will be Qualified and Current In the Aircraft, All IFF's Ferry Pilots are Insurable for Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific ferry flights. IFF has never lost an aircraft or a pilot. Safety is our number one goal.

International Ferry Flights has safe Professional Ferry Pilots! IFF does not hire, farm out or contract our ferry flights to Career Airline Pilots, Flight Instructors that are time builders or others that want to be a weekend ferry pilot. Our pilots are Career Ferry Pilots and Aircraft Ferrying is the only thing they do all year long. Our Professional Ferry Pilots know how to deal with and expedite the resolution of most any issue whether it be bureaucratic, logistical, or mechanical that may arise in the course of the ferry flight. We are your professional Trans-Pacific & Trans-Atlantic ferry pilot service.

International Ferry Flights accepts government contracts, International Ferry Flights is Registered with the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM). International Ferry Flights is eligible for Government contracts, assistance awards, and to do business with the U.S. federal government. "Government Agencies when filling out your contact form or estimate request please enter the Solicitation Number.

Ferrying your aircraft whether it be across the nation or across the ocean does not need to be a problem, moving aircraft around the globe is what we do time and time again.

International Ferry Flights Makes It Happen When Others Make Excuses!
Aircraft Ferry Service Costs Proposals,

If you are looking for a serious and honest real world aircraft ferry service cost proposal and having your aircraft flown by safe, dependable, professional, and experienced ferry pilots who are taking care of your aircraft as it was their own then you are our client and we are your Aircraft ferry service.

International Ferry Flights cares for our clients and our pilots. Our cost proposals do not have any hidden additions. Our ferry pilot proposals will be either a flat rate pilot fee based on a rate per routed nautical mile + expenses or an all inclusive no additional cost proposal if your aircraft qualifies. Our most important goals here at International Ferry Flights are Safety and Consistent Client Satisfaction.

International Ferry Flights has Unsurpassed Professional Flight Planning! Our Ferry Pilots and Flight Planning Specialists use up to date digital flight planning software provided by Jeppesen. We use Flitestar/Flitemap Corporate, Jeppview and Jeppesen Mobile TC with Worldwide IFR Charts. Jeppesen Flitestar/Flitemap software provides our ferry pilots and flight planning specialists with the most accurate routing data overlaid with Jeppesen's low level oceanic weather data. Accurate weather helps our ferry pilots reduce unnecessary risks, find the best route, and prevent unnecessary delays. The Jeppview and Mobile TC software provides our pilots with current up to date IFR Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams for most any airport worldwide at their finger tips.

We ask that you plan your aircraft ferry as far ahead as possible but usually no more than about 60 days. To secure a Ferry Pilot for your requested aircraft pickup/delivery date. IFF will require a retainer to hold a date on our schedule. Please place all deposits no less than 15 days from proposed aircraft pickup date. The balance of the cost proposal is due prior to departure unless other arrangements have been made. This makes everything easier for all parties involved.

What Is Included In Our Aircraft Ferry Service Cost Proposals:

Aircraft Ferry Service Cost Proposals: International Ferry Flights Always Includes, Airfare to Pickup Point and Return, Aircraft Fuel & Oil, Test Flight Time "Used Aircraft" or Engine Break-In Time for "New Aircraft", Flight Crew Fees And Per-Diem, Flight Crew Transportation On Ground, FAA Approved Long Range Tanking (If Required or Requested), Digital Enroute Charts & Approach Plates, Long Range Navigation Aid (Portable GPS), Sat Phone Charges For Oceanic ATC Communications Up To 60 Minutes, Any Required Temporary H. F. Communication & Antenna, All Safety and Survival Equipment For Flight Crew, Approvals For Over Flight And Landing, Parking, Landing Fee's, Ground Handing Service Fee's, Export Customs Declarations, and Enroute Customs Fee's.

Aircraft Registration and De-Registration service "Also Know As Aircraft Bailment Or Trustee Services" is always included in our international aircraft ferry cost proposals when required or requested.

There have been many times the purchaser of a U.S. (N) registered aircraft and was not eligible to register the aircraft with the FAA and the seller would not hold the registration for delivery and ended up de-registering the aircraft at the time of sale. Do not let the seller deregister the aircraft as it can be a time consuming hassle to get things reversed and get a valid aircraft registration for the ferry flight. Before you purchase a (N) registered aircraft please read the FAA's Information on U.S. (N) Registration Eligibility to Register an Aircraft in the United States. If you are not eligible for (N) registration we will hold the Aircraft Title/Registration in Bailment for purposes of delivery for you. Before you select a ferry company make sure they offer this service if the aircraft is not properly registered and de-registered this can cause a lot of hassle with the export process, obtaining enroute service and permissions, and with your local Aviation Authority Sample Aircraft Deregisteration Letter From FAA to Local Authorities.

What May Not Be Included, Annual Inspections, 100 Hour Inspections, Phase Inspections, Mechanical Repairs, Compliance of Discrepancies on Inspections, In-flight Oil Replenishing System, or The Export Certificate Of Airworthiness For The Country Of Destination. We try to include everything including estimates for third party services such as the The Export Certificate Of Airworthiness so if something is noted in the quotation as not included or awaiting cost from third party it means there is some variable that we cannot estimate until we have the actual numbers or aircraft in our possession.

All Inclusive Aircraft Ferry Service Cost Proposals: Our All Inclusive Flat Rate Service Never Include, Hull Insurance (Unless Requested), Import Documents, Arrival Fee's & Taxes, Mechanical Repairs, In-flight Oil Replenishing System, Ferry Tank Removal Costs, If there is a mechanical issue and parts are needed we have wholesale accounts with many of the suppliers to obtain the parts fast and at a discount.

Export Certificate Of Airworthiness: International ferry flights can work with the buyer or seller and help arrange and complete the The Export Certificate Of Airworthiness For The Destination Country. Export Certificate Of Airworthiness costs will vary from aircraft to aircraft and the Destination Country depending on mechanical condition, paperwork, compliance requirements required by the bilateral agreements and destination's country special requirements. Please see the FAA Bilateral Agreements for more information on Bilateral Agreements for your destination country. Buyer and Seller please see the FAA's Special Requirements of Importing Countries when buying or selling an aircraft from the united states.


Ferry Tanks / Ferry Fuel Systems,

Every ferry tank installed and used by International Ferry Flights are 100% FAA approved.

IFF does not cut costs when installing ferry fuel systems in to your aircraft. Cutting costs on ferry fuel systems by installing non aircraft grade or mill spec parts compromises pilot safety and places your aircraft investment at an unnecessary risk for loss. IFF's ferry fuel systems are engineered and installed using new aircraft grade hardware and parts such as hoses, fittings, fasteners, valves, fuel sight gauge, etc. by Certified FAA Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics. IFF's ferry fuel systems are 100% compliant and generally exceed all applicable FAA safety regulations. Ferry Fuel Systems will have all the proper FAA paperwork and over gross authority from the aircraft certification office. If your aircraft is tanked by another ferry tank installer the pilot will inspect the system via our internal saftey check list to make sure ferry fuel system is safe and compliant with FAA regulations prior to any flight.

Aircraft with a standard range of 750 or more nautical miles can cross the North Atlantic without any auxiliary tanking. Ferry Flights to certain parts of the world such as "Africa" "Hawaii" "Japan" "Australia" "South America" "India" or other international ferry routes where Avgas (100LL) is in short supply or completely unavailable for vast distances auxiliary tanking will be required. If your aircraft requires or you elect to install auxiliary tanking also known as "ferry tanks" we have facilities available on the east and west coast of the United States to handle all auxiliary ferry tanking needs.

Some flights or aircraft where auxiliary tanking may not be required for the route you may choose to add a ferry fuel system to save time, fuel costs, landing fees, and ground handling fees.

Ferry tanking an aircraft for long range flight will not damage the airplane, neither will it cause any depreciation of your airplanes value.

Example: F.A.A. Approved Ferry Tank Capacities, 2013-2014

Cessna 208 Caravan 410 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Cessna 172SP 124 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Beechcraft G-36 Bonanza 150 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Piper PA-28 100 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Cessna 182T 124-150 Gallon Ferry Tanks System
Cessna 206 150-200 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Cessna 337 150 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Cirrus SR20 / SR22 105-160 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Mooney Ovation & Acclaim 180 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Piper Seneca/Seminole 240 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Piper Mirage/Matrix 180-260 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Piper PA28 124 Gallon Ferry Tank System
Most Trans-Atlantic Ferry Flights Will Be Tanked At Our East Coast Facility
All Trans-Pacific Ferry Flights Will Be Tanked At Our West Coast Facility In Mulino, Oregon (4S9)

When ferry tanks are required or requested for your aircraft ferry mission the cost is included in our costs proposals unless noted as "+ Tanking". Ferry tank capacities displayed above are examples of common aircraft and subject to change. Most "New and Common" aircraft can be fitted with a ferry fuel system on the east coast for trans-atlantic ferry missions, Older aircraft, aircraft not listed above, or aircraft being ferried across the Pacific Ocean will need to be tanked at our West Coast Facility in Mulino,Oregon (4S9).

Tanking times will vary most "New" and "Common" aircraft the tanking is completed in about 3-5 days on the east coast for Trans-Atlantic ferry flights and 14-21 days for Trans-Pacific ferry flights. Most older aircraft and aircraft that we do not have the engineering data for may require 4-6 weeks for tanking. All tanking is subject to FAA/Engineering delays. Sorry, IFF will not install ferry fuel systems for pilots or owners that are not employees or contractors of International Ferry Flights.

Trans-Pacific In-flight Oil Replenishing Systems, For the safety of flight all aircraft that delivery is not taken at the factory may have a In-flight Oil Replenishing System Installed. If it is determined that a In-flight Oil Replenishing System is required IFF will provide you with an estimated cost of the install.

2011 FAA Fuel Totalizer Requirement for Trans-Pacific Only, If your aircraft is not equipped with a fuel totalizer instrument one will be installed at an additional cost. IFF will provide you with an estimated cost of instrument and installation if aircraft is not already equipped or repair costs if inop.

U.S. Domestic Ferry Flights, (Lower 48)

All U.S. Domestic Ferry Flights Are Billed a Flat Rate Pilot Fee + Actual Expenses "Transportation On Ground And Airline, Aircraft Fuel & Oil, Actual Hotel Costs, Meals & Incidentals, Etc." Meals & Incidentals are billed at the standard Domestic GSA M&IE rates where the day is finished, Recipes for M&IE's will not be provided.

IFF Inc's U.S. Domestic Flat Pricing Rate System: "Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, American Samoa, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, And Northern Mariana Islands,"

Our Domestic Flat Rate Ferry Pilot Labor Rates are for the lower 48 only and are based upon $250-$350 USD a day "Single Engine" or $350-$450 USD a day "Multi-Engine/Turbo Prop" + Expenses. 1 Day = 8 Hours Flight Time or Portion of and $200.00 Per Day Travel/Positioning Costs.

Domestic Ferry Flight Example: How to Figure Out IFF's Flat Rate Pilot Labor On Lower 48 Domestic Flights.

An east coast to west coast Single Engine Ferry Flight planned using $250 day of a basic model aircraft in Jeppesen FliteStar of the type to be ferried using Airways at 65% power setting with "0" wind gives you 22 hours flight time. Take 22 Hours and divide 22 Hours by 8 that is 2.75 Days. Any partial days are rounded to a full day add. 1 Day travel to east coast and 1 day travel to home base KPDX. This sample domestic flight would be $1150.00 Flat Rate Pilot Labor + Actual Expenses regardless if it takes 2 day, 5 day's, 18 hours or 45 hours of actual flight time.

For the excluded domestic areas listed above, International Ferry Flights will give you a flat rate pilot labor and an expense estimate based on a miliage rate per routed nautical mile. Miliage rates vary from based on type of aircraft and destination. please call with aircraft info departure and destination details for a rate for these areas.

*Domestic ferry pilot service available in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado,Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia , Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Ferry Flight Deposits And Payments:

All Domestic Ferry Flights: IFF Will require a Deposit of the estimated expenses + 50% of pilot labor to retain our domestic ferry pilots services. Any Ferry Pilot fee's or Any expenses that may have exceeded our initial estimate are due at time of aircraft delivery.

All International Ferry Flights: IFF Will require a Deposit of the estimated expenses including ferry pilot labor to retain our ferry pilots services. Generally Deposits and Payment's will be required to be sent via Bank Wire Transfer.

Some ferry flights may require funds while enroute for any unforeseen expenses such as a mechanical breakdown.

International Ferry Flights is Pay Pal Verified we will accept credit cards via pay pal for all domestic ferry flights and some international ferry flights deposits, payments and unforeseen expenses there will be a 5% service/processing fee with all Pay Pal payment's.

Call International Ferry Flights 24 Hour Phone Service With Any Questions

IFF Inc. Ferry Pilot Service Discounts & Promotions, Valid Until Removed.
Spring Cirrus Special, New Cirrus Aircraft Ferry To Australia All Inclusive No Additional Cost, See The Cirrus Shipping Vs. Ferrying Page For Current Rates on new and used Cirrus Aircraft.
IFF Inc, Operations Notices:
01/28/2015 2015 Transoceanic Ferry Service Operations Info

International Ferry Flights is currently only providing estimates for the ferry U.S. registered aircraft that are less than 10 years old and/or have less than 800 hours airframe/engine time.

International Ferry Flights may consider providing estimates and placing bids for the ferry flight of aircraft over 10 years old if the following conditions are met.

1, The aircraft must be ready to ferry or you must be an established dealer/broker or client that we have done ferry flights for in the past!
2, The engine in the aircraft must have less than 800 hours SMOH//SFRM/SFN and be within or less than the mid range of calendar years of the Manufactures Recommended Time Between Over Hauls
3,If Required an Export C of A must be completed and attached to the request.

We apologize for any Inconvenience.

11/20/2012 Clarified Our Domestic Ferry Flight Pilot Labor Rates And How to Calculate.
05/16/2012 IFF is now working with General Aviation Support Egypt for all flights going thru Egypt and the Middle East.
We have our new FAA inspectors and are back to full capacity for all ferry tanking operations at our west coast facility in Oregon. All ferry tanks are now fabricated in house usually about a 1 week turn around time. We have room to handle up to 4, 40' HC Containers for Aircraft Containerization and plenty of parking for ferry flights.
As of October 2011 the FAA is Requiring all tanked aircraft for trans-pacific operations to be equipped with a fuel totalizer permanently mounted in the aircraft prior to approval of ferry permits on trans-pacific ferry flights. This is for safety and will also add value to your aircraft, we are working with Electronics International And JPI Instruments to obtain discounts for this required equipment.
IFF's Changes to Flat Rate All Inclusive Ferry Option* On all International Trans-Pacific/Trans-Atlantic Crossings Originating in the United States for most Cirrus, Cessna, Mooney, Beechcraft, And Piper Aircraft not more than 5 years's old and/or no more than 500 Hours total time. (*Excludes Ferry Flight's To Hawaii, Excludes Any Mechanical Issues or Import Delays) If Your Aircraft Qualifies Select "All Inclusive Ferry Flight Estimate" On Our Estimate Request Form
Due to Canada's Minister of Citizenship & Immigration Interpretations on Immigration/Work laws all Ferry Flights Originating and/or Ending in Canada have been suspended until further notice. We here at IFF, Inc are working with Canada's Citizenship & Immigration Minister to obtain the required permits for our ferry pilots to ferry aircraft to and from Canada. Update: 09/18/2012 There will be a $250.00 work permit surcharge all Ferry Flights Originating and/or Ending in Canada.
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