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Notice: All Inclusive Flat Rate "No Further Costs" Pricing!

International Ferry Flights All Inclusive Flat Rate "No Further Costs" Pricing Is For Trans-Pacific And Trans-Atlantic Ferry Flights With Type Certificated Aircraft That Are Less Than 5 Years Old and/or Have Less Than 500 Hours On The Engine(s) Originating From The Continental U.S.

If you Select The All Inclusive Flat Rate "No Further Costs" Pricing and your Ferry Aircraft does not meet the above criteria your request for quote may be delayed or we will issue a Estimate for Flat Rate Pilot Labor + Expenses.

Notice: 2015 Transoceanic Ferry Service Operations Info

International Ferry Flights is currently providing estimates for the ferry U.S. registered aircraft that are less than 10 years old and/or have less than 800 hours airframe/engine time.

International Ferry Flights will accept your RFQ's and providing a ferry estimates for the ferry of aircraft over 10 years old if the following conditions are met.

1, The aircraft must be ready to ferry (Sold/Purchased) or you must be an established dealer/broker or client that we have done ferry flights for in the past!
2, The engine in the aircraft must have less than 800 hours SMOH//SFRM/SFN and be within or less than the mid range of calendar years of the Manufactures Recommended Time Between Over Hauls
3,If Required an Export C of A must be completed and attached to the request.

We apologize for any Inconvenience.